Chiengora or Chatgora Keepsake




You loved and cared for them through out their lives, now you can keep a portion of them with you after their death.

Only you:

  • know how much you loved and cared for that creature.
  • will remember the days and nights together.
  • will know how they helped you dry your tears with cold wet noses and whisker tickles.
  • will long to feel the softness of their fur, the warmth they provided long after they are gone.

If your beloved fur baby has already passed and you have some of their shedded or combed hair, I can turn it into a memorial unlike any other. You see, fur is something you will always remember. It is something so closely associated with them – as the animal, pet, fur-baby or fur-child that they were. And sometimes that is all that remains with you after they are gone.

When I was forced to put my beloved Corgi down after her battle with DM, I was devastated. Beside myself with grief. I thought long and hard about how I could best keep her with me during my grieving period that would give me comfort. We opted to have her remains cremated privately, and I thought about getting one of the many ash or cremains containers. They have many styles and options available. But the truth for many is that they can’t bear the thought of separating a portion of the deceased ashes for inclusion in any jewelry or container.

That’s why this is such a great option for those who are overcome with grief. Typically, hair and fur are items that are groomed, and thrown away. And not a lot of hair or fur is needed. Only a mere handful or two can create enough “yarn” to make your bereavement keepsake.

Your baby’s fur will not be washed or “processed” in any way to maintain the oils and their “smell” as best as possible. I will simply spin it into a yarn length, that’s thin enough to create this little heart. The heart itself is double-sided or 3D, and stuff with fiberfill. If you would like, I can ship the heart back to you without the fiberfill and with a long tail so that you may stuff with any remnant hair or fur that you have. Actual heart dimensions and measurements will vary somewhat due to hair thickness, courseness, and the resulting thickness of the yarn. Overall dimensions will be around 1.5 in x 2 in.

If your pet does not have very long hair, I can supplement their fur with any of my in-stock fiber options. I typically have merino, and bamboo on hand, in various colors.

This offering is not limited to cats and dogs, basically, if it has fur – I’ll try to spin it. Should I, for whatever reason, not be able to spin yarn for your treasure, I will return the material to you, and your purchase refunded.

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Wash and Care

Hand Wash Only