Chocolate Rolags – Spanish Merino Baby Alpaca Wool Blend Rolags for Spinning Great For Advanced Beginners, one of a kind


This is one of my “Known Quantities” Rolags. They take their name from the many varieties of chocolate. I recently received a shipment of new fibers to play with. From the moment I saw the Spanish Merino (the “brown”) and the Baby Black Alpaca (almost black) I knew it had to be put together in a “natural” colorway. I spun some waste from this set and it spun up quick! The Alpaca is like doll hair! So I’m setting these “Advanced Beginner.”

Materials (approximately):

  • 27% Spanish Merino Wool (non superwash)
  • 24% Baby Black Alpaca
  • balance in synthetic

Total Rolag Weight: 3.00 oz (85 g)


I try to create these surprise rolags with some sort of inspiration in mind - rather than just an "everything but the kitchen sink" method.

Because these are hand blended, and hand rolled, you may find small thicker or thinner areas. All rolags are one of a kind or similar. What you see is what I have.

You can you pull on the ends and pre-draft to your desired thickness to create roving. With this rolag, you can spin it in to yarn, or use in needle felting.

Each rolag order *may* contain any-or all-of these fibers:

  • Wool, fiber, or fur from any number of live animals (sheep, goats, rabbits, alpaca, etc.)
  • A stray/random cat hair (Please see ALLERGY INFORMATION tab above.)
  • Natural fibers (cotton, hemp, flax, bamboo, silk, etc)
  • Recycled and upcycled fibers (sari silk, other yarns)
  • Synthetic fibers (rayon, nylon, polyester, etc.)
  • Shiny sparkle (angelina, firestar, starbright, etc.)


I do my best to make sure the colors in my photos are true to my products. Because colors differ from computer screen to mobile device, please message me if you have any questions about colors, textures or yarns. Thank you!

I do share my home with a Ragdoll cat named Baker. Generally, he keeps away from the fiber but I can’t promise that a stray hair will not make it into a product. Additionally, because I take in other people’s fur for the purposes of making the Keepsake Hearts, there may be other fur crossover. If you are concerned about a potential allergy, these may not be the products for you. =)

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