Lord Of the Rings: Dol Baran

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This beautiful yarn is muted grays, blues, purples, greens, and pinks.


  • 80% Organic Polwarth
  • 20% Silk

Skein Weight: 4oz.

Yarn Weight/WPI: 15 WPI / Sport Weight

Yardage: 438 yards



Inspiration: Dol Baran was a hill in Rohan.

Dol Baran lay between Isengard and the Gap of Rohan, at the southernmost foot of the Misty Mountains. It was covered with heather. Dol Baran was the place where Rohirrim had made a camp at which Pippin looked into the Palantír of Orthanc (a different location than in the third film), and was also where a Nazgûl, atop a Fellbeast, was seen flying.


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Additional information

Fiber Format

Handspun Yarn

Yarn Weight

Sport Weight

Product Line

Lord Of the Rings

Wash and Care

Hand Wash Only


Less than 500 Yards


Will Felt


Polwarth Wool, Silk, Wool


4 oz or less, 4 oz or more

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  1. bluewillow

    The muted colors are actually very pretty.

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